Knitting patterns - scarves, hats



Storm hood with dark blue collar. We hated them as kids; now, they are super stylish on the slopes. The mix of hood and cape also works well on a bike. A buckle highlights the retro-look.

Size: Approx. 90 cm/36" wide, 70 cm/27 3/4" long

Materials: Lana Grossa "Superbingo" (100% pure wool, approx. 55 m/50 g): 450 g in Marine, col 11; size 7 mm Prym circular needles, 40 and 80 cm/16" and 32" long; blue decorative fastener.

Rib pattern 1: On RS rows, k2, p3; on WS rows, work sts as they appear.

Women's Hat

Women's Hat

This hat is made from wool fabric, with the knit piece sewn on. Quick and cool - and super for beginners!

Size: To fit 52 - 56 cm/20 1/2" - 22 1/4" head circumference

Materials: Lanecardate "Feltrone" (75% Merino wool, 25% angora, approx. 47 m/100 g): 100 g in Nero and Lanecardate "Lana Cotta" (100% pure wool fabric): 25 x 40 cm(10 x 16" in 60 Nero; size 12 mm Addi needles, size 10 mm crochet hook.

Shaker rib pattern:

Row 1 (RS): Selvedge st, * yo, sl 1 as if to purl, p1; rep from * to last st, selvedge st.

Precious Metal Cowl

Precious Metal Cowl

Precious Metal by Emma Vining

Inspired by the ripple patterns formed by the wind on drifting snow, this cowl blends a light and airy stitch pattern with a chunky, shimmering yarn. The dropped stitch rib pattern is reversible and uses short-row shaping to form the ripples and drifts. The cowl can be worn in a big loop or wrapped around your neck twice for a cosy feel.


Approx. 40cm x 124cm (15 3/4in x 49in), lightly stretched, before sewing up


Monarch Scarf

Monarch Scarf

Monarch Scarf features an unusual three-part yarn: a little glitz, a bit of ribbon, and wool, each in different shades. Monarch, from the Rozetti Yarns collection at Universal Yarn, is a self-ruffling yarn with a ladder construction along one edge. This scarf is easy to knit and can be completed in mere hours. Monarch is available in four shades, and one 33-yard ball is enough to create this scarf.


5" wide x 60" long


1, 100 g (27 yd) ball Rozetti Yarns / Universal Yarn Monarch (50% acrylic, 35% nylon, 10% polyester, 5% wool) color #103 Safari

First Lace Cowl

First Lace Cowl

This cowl is a great primer project for knitters trying lace for the first time and the perfect refresher course for an old pro.

Size: One size fits most

Finished Measurements

Circumference: 30 inches at bottom, 24 inches at top

Height: 11 inches