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Slip dress

Slip dress

Slip dress can i leave the house like this? Certainly! This slip dress with opaque stockings also looks great paired with over-knee socks, trench coat, jeans or biker jacket.

Size: 36/38, 40/42, and 44/46. Figures for sizes 40/42 and 44/46 are given in parentheses, in ascending order, separated by a dash. If only one figure is given, it applies for all three sizes.

Materials: ITO “Sensai“ (60% mohair, 40% silk, approx. 240 m/ 267 yds/ 20 g): 80 (80-100) g of Pale Blush, col 235; addi knitting needles, size 3.5 mm (US 4-5).

Stocking stitch: k RS rows, p WS rows