Knitting for women Park Avenue

Park Avenue

m 043


• 1 skein Park Avenue natural


• 4.5mm knitting needles


Not critical


Size: 120cm approx


When working make sure to unfold the ribbon after finishing each row pull it out to widen it.

Create a neat small knot at end of skein, later untie and retie in smaller knots. Unfold the ribbon.

Step one: cast on 3sts in the cast- on edge of the ribbon. By threading needle through ribbon edge.

Step two: Insert RH needle in the 3rd st (the left most st) and knit it without letting it go off the needle.

Step three: Insert needle in the 2nd st and knit it without letting it go of the needle.

Step four: Insert needle in the 1st st and knit it without dropping it off needle: you now have 3st on RH needle and 3sts on LF needle.

Step five: let go 3 sts on LH needle: you now have 3 sts again. Turn. Follow steps two to five in each row. Continue to skein is nearly finished. Cast off sts.

Retie knots in ends to neaten.